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Songs of Suffolk Poets

10 November 2013

Here was a different experience of poetry – first the words, and then the words set to music and sung. The moods of the varied poems in this Songs of Suffolk Poets Sunday lunchtime performance ranged from wistful reflection and quiet observation of the natural world to upbeat humour. Colin Whyles’ compositions ably picked up and amplified these moods, with a judicious addition of witty sound effects.

The audience’s attention was held by the varied treatment of the nine poems, from Suffolk Poetry Society members both amateur and professional. They were interpreted through solos, duets and chorus from Carol Bleiker, Gill Phillips, Colin Whyles and Peter Durrent, accompanied by Peter on piano and Colin on duet concertina.

One of the most promising aspects of the event was seeing new faces in the crowd, and realising that we had drawn in an Aldeburgh Poetry Festival audience beyond that of our regular members. It is a welcome development for the Society to have, for the second year running, a well-publicised showcase at this international event. We hope this will continue to be an annual opportunity for us to think globally, act locally!

Elizabeth Bracken

(Sadly, the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival ended in 2015).

The performance can be viewed here:






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