Kate Foley

Welcome to the Suffolk Poetry Society.

If you feel that the world today could do with more of the insights that poetry can bring, if you read it, write it, would like to write it but don’t know where to start, if you want a place where your voice might be heard, or if you simply love the stuff, then think about joining us. You’ll find a friendly community based on a shared passion and an inclusive programme that will meet your needs, wherever you are on your poetry journey.

Almost as many words have been written about poetry as there are poems. It’s important to train ears, eyes and minds to recognise the music, shape and content of a good poem but what also concerns many Suffolk Poetry Society Members is how to make one. For more than half a century the Society has been helping its members to become both more informed and insightful poetry lovers – and poets.

It’s a privilege to be President of this vital community of poetry lovers and makers.

Kate Foley

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