Marguerite Wood

Marguerite Wood trained as a physiotherapist, working for the NHS for over a decade. She and her husband, Douglas, sadly deceased in 2001, have a son and daughter and five grandchildren. She has been writing poetry all her life, was an assistant editor for Envoi under J. C. Scott’s editorship for over 10 years, then remained on the panel when Anne Lewis-Smith became editor for another 10 years. Reviewed, successively, for Outposts (who published three of her early pamphlets) Envoi, and Orbis.   She worked for WEA Creative Writing, was with Eastern Arts’ Writers in Schools and In the Community (has a BA hons. History), and is a founder member of the Suffolk Poetry Society and past Chairman, having joined when it was revived in 1952. For 25 years she was a magistrate on the Bench at Brentwood, and Ipswich. Her most recent collection of poems was published by Martin Holroyd of Poetry Monthly Press in 2008, ‘…..a brilliant mix of poetry.’ Anne Lewis-Smith.

The London Train

The train barely out of the station
is received by the tunnel
swallowed in one continuous motion

all on board gone from our sight;
it creates an uneasy notion
of travellers who no longer existed or might

like Eurydice glide, lacking all emotion
into a dark underworld, past recall,
and gone beyond our protection.

Copyright © 2014 Marguerite Wood from Colour Notes






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