And the Old Woman…

And the Old Woman
will give you
the turquoise

by Angela Locke

You will know you have found it when
you reach the Lion Rock among the kelp.
A myriad beautiful seaweeds will come together;
all the colours of the Rainbow.
Wait upon the Rock and a woman will come to you.
She will be old, dressed in the colours of the Sea
her hair dressed in white foam.
Listen! She will sing our Dolphin Song.
All the magical seaweeds will gather together
and there around the Lion Rock,
The Isle of Iona will be born.
You will be between Day and Night
In the mist, but you, Day, will sing
the island into Life so others may see it.
You will manifest the white sands,
while you, Night, will manifest the black Rocks
And the Night-time stars.
Together you will magic the sacred Isle
To Life.

Copyright © 2020 Angela Locke





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