Crabbe Competition 2020 Winners

2020 Crabbe Poetry Competition winners as chosen by adjudicator Martin Figura.

We are delighted to announce the winners of this year’s Crabbe Poetry Competition.  Our congratulations to everyone. Well done to all who took part, and especially to those who won prizes or had their poems commended. We are delighted that the anthology will have such an entertaining and challenging range this year.

1st Prize                     ‘Memory House’ by Elizabeth Cook
2nd Prize                    ‘Frank’s World’ by Jane Henderson
3rd Prize                    ‘Lament for a Lewis Crofter-Man’ by Mike Bannister

Highly Commended

‘Young Birds’ by Tim Lenton
‘Critical Care’ by David Healey


‘Harvesttime’ by Oliver Nelmes
‘Return to Southwold’ by Christopher James
‘Learning How to Fix a Lamp’ by Kennedy Osborne
‘Latin Lovers’ by Margaret Seymour
‘The Brickie’s Prayer’ by Rob Lock
‘Halcyon’ by Sally Baker
‘Isle of Man Internees’ by Caroline Gilfillan
‘Working Fresh Weft Over Old Warp’ by Fran Reader
‘Lichen Seen Through a Magnifying Glass’ by Caroline Gilfillan
‘she is on her way’ by Alexandra Davis
‘Titian Puts Down His Paintbrush and Picks Up a Guitar’ by Roger West
‘Paced’ by David Healey
‘That Perfect Feeling’ by Richard Whiting

The awards ceremony will be held on 3rd October, but will need to take account of on prevailing circumstances.

Further details to be announced.






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