Twelve Rivers

Twelve Rivers is the highly-acclaimed magazine of Suffolk Poetry Society.

Twelve Rivers began its journey from a simple stapled newsletter that began in 1992 and ran until the Spring of 2013. It then started to transform to become the poetry magazine it is today.

Twelve Rivers is published in two issues each year, Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter.

It contains academic articles, In Conversation pieces, poetry, not ignoring those lighter poems to bring cheer to dull days, book and event reviews.

It is issued to SPS members as part of their membership, and is also distributed to libraries throughout Suffolk.

Plaudits from our readers:

“As usual I am reading Twelve Rivers from cover to cover, and marvelling at the quality and diversity of its contents, as well as the quality of printing and design. If there are any magazines to compare with it, I am yet to see them. The supporting articles about poets and their verse give an extra dimension that is most welcome.”

John G

“… I should like to congratulate the editorial team for producing such excellent reading matter with Twelve Rivers and Twelve Rivers Ripples during the pandemic – keeping us in touch and feeding our imaginations in the most stimulating way and much appreciated by those of us who live alone and are currently in lockdown.”

Jill R

“I have extended my membership to cover my 90th birthday, Receiving “Twelve Rivers”and the collection of poems from other members has been a constant delight.”

Maureen S






2 responses to “Twelve Rivers”

  1. terry flower

    how do I subscribe to twelve rivers, or where can I buy in Sudbury?

    1. SPSadmin

      Hello, Terry,

      Twelve Rivers is a member’s magazine of Suffolk Poetry Society, but we do distribute copies to all Suffolk libraries. The last two issues went out fairly recently, so if you are lucky you might find some in Sudbury library. Otherwise, as I am in Sudbury, I could see what I have available, and we could make an arrangement @ £2.50 each. It is certainly worth it!

      Of course, I would also encourage you to join the society so that you get them automatically.

      Colin Whyles :

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