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‘Conversations’ by Julia Duke

‘Conversations’ is Julia’s first poetry pamphlet, a small volume of poems that takes a look at relationships, both positive and dysfunctional, offering thought-provoking, poignant and often humorous insights into the whole complex subject of our attempts to get on with one another. An encounter that sets the nerves jangling with a self-important trainee teacher in a café in Aberystwyth, a reunion of close friends from vastly different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, an unsettling conversation with a homeless person on the streets of Norwich, a close-up of mother and father in those all-important early years of childhood combine to ask: what is it that promotes or destroys the experience of intimacy in our lives?

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EXPOSURE – Snapshots from the life of Lee Miller
by Derek Adams

‘Exposure’ focuses on the extraordinary life of the American photographer Lee Miller, model, muse, photographer and WW2 war correspondent. These poems do not form a comprehensive biography, but rather form an album of snapshots taken from events in Lee Miller’s life, her photographs and the artworks she inspired. Some poems are written in the voice of the poet, some in Lee’s voice, and others in the voice of the men who constantly surrounded her.

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