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Member benefits

There are many benefits of being a member. Members not only get wider access to this site, they also get:

  • The highly-praised Twelve Rivers magazine twice a year. Twelve Rivers contains:
    • Members’ poetry
    • Articles
    • Interviews
    • Reviews of members’ books
    • Reviews of SPS events
  • The Twelve River Ripples fortnightly e-newsletter, which members contribute to;
  • Discount ticket prices at many SPS events, such as the annual Festival of Suffolk Poetry, which is held the second weekend of May at the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts in Stowmarket. The festival includes opportunities for members to read, as well as:
    • Headline poets
    • Workshops
    • Open Mic
    • Close readings
  • Access to the ‘Postal Portfolio’. Members of the portfolio submit their work for review by other members. The poems are circulated round the group by post. Each member then returns their reviews in turn. This requires a further subscription (£20 @ January 2023) to cover postage and handling. The portfolio has, by necessity, a limited number of participants, so is a separate subscription.

Membership types

There are two levels of membership of Suffolk Poetry Society available: Single and Joint.

Joint membership is for two people living at the same address. Only one copy of each issue of the Twelve Rivers magazine will be provided, but each person will have an individual vote at the AGM and will receive individual ticket discounts. They will share a single account on this website.

Membership subscriptions (correct at January 2023) are:

  • Single: £18.00/annum
  • Joint: £23.00/annum

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