Crabbe Awards 2012

Wentworth Hotel, Aldeburgh 14 October 2012 Kenneth Steven was the Adjudicator for the 2012 Crabbe Poetry Competition. The winners were Caroline Gilfillan, First Prize, with ‘Christina’s World’, Anne Boileau, 2nd Prize, with ‘Study to be Quiet’, and James Knox Whittet, 3rd Prize, with ‘Birds Viewed From A Cage’. There wereContinue Reading

Crabbe Winnders 2011

Wentworth Hotel, Aldeburgh 9 October 2011 Elaine Feinstein was the Adjudicator for the 2012 Crabbe Poetry Competition. Unfortunately, she could not attend the awards ceremony, so Pauline Stainer, President of SPS, took her place. First Prize went to James Knox Whittet for ‘Languages of Babyle’. Second Prize went to DavidContinue Reading

A number of Suffolk Poetry Society Members are practised at and happy to lead workshops. Workshops would normally be for a minimum of 2 hours and more practically a full morning or afternoon, or a full day, with an allowance for breaks. Workshop leaders will require a reasonably quiet spaceContinue Reading

Sue Wallace-Shaddad reading in a churchyard

SPS at Poetry in Aldeburgh 2019 Saturday 9 November An intrepid band of poetry lovers went on a brisk walk round Aldeburgh listening to poems at the Baptist Church, in the Moot Hall where witches were imprisoned by the Witchfinder General and in the churchyard. Elizabeth Soule curated the poems,Continue Reading

Kate Foley

As one of the society’s contributions to Poetry in Aldeburgh 2019, Antony Johae, Anne Boileau and Kate Foley followed the flight paths of their imaginations as they read from their recent collections.

The Bargain Hunters

10 November 2013 Here was a different experience of poetry – first the words, and then the words set to music and sung. The moods of the varied poems in this Songs of Suffolk Poets Sunday lunchtime performance ranged from wistful reflection and quiet observation of the natural world toContinue Reading

Cameron Hawke Smith at Walpole Old Chapel

“Poems that have been inspired by poetry, music or art of others, in our own time and language or from distant times and cultures’’

Gregory Warren Wilson

On 29 May 2017, Gregory Warren Wilson and Nancy Mattson headlined the 4th Festival of Suffolk Poetry. Terry Waite CBE talked to Lord Phillips of Sudbury about his life and new book of poetry.