The 2019 Crabbe Competition anthology consists of the winning and commended entries to the competition.


Crabbe Winners 2019

  1. 'The Archbishops At The Lido'   Christopher James
  2. 'Advice from the Afterlife'   Caroline Gilfillan
  3. ‘Kingfisher’ Jane Henderson

Highly Commended

  1. 'Oh Emily, what did you want?'   John Prior
  2.  'For the birds'   Colin Hughes


  • 'Clown's crossing'   Caroline Price
  • 'Locum (after Van Gogh')   Martyn Wainwright
  • 'Change'   John Vaughan
  • 'Eating English'   John Prior
  • 'Camera obscura (for Andrei Tarkovsky)' Roger West
  • 'Metamorphosis'   Angela Locke
  • 'Wild Swimming'   Richard Whiting
  • 'Oystercatcher'    R Binns
  • 'CSI'   Colin Hughes
  • 'Spring Tide'   Nicola Warwick
  • 'French Doorknocker'   Pam Job
  • 'Knock at the Window'   John Vaughan
  • 'Exhibit at Southwold Museum'   David Healey
  • 'Mia and the Ant' Phil Baker
  • 'And Sing Like Alan'   Patricia Peters

We are very pleased that Tiffany Atkinson agreed to be our adjudicator for the 2019 Crabbe Poetry Prize. She is the Professor of Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, has published several collections of Poetry, including Kink and Particle (which won the Jerwood Aldeburgh first collection Prize) Catulla et al (which was TLS Book of the Year) and So Many Moving Parts (which was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation and won the Roland Mathias Poetry Award – Wales book of the Year). She has a strong interest in the medical humanities, especially the history of anatomy and representations of the body and has written several critical essays about the poetics of embarrassment.

Crabbe Competition Anthology 2019

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