A number of Suffolk Poetry Society Members are practised at and happy to lead workshops.

Workshops would normally be for a minimum of 2 hours and more practically a full morning or afternoon, or a full day, with an allowance for breaks.

Workshop leaders will require a reasonably quiet space with some privacy (so less confident participants are not put off) with tables and chairs at appropriate heights for writing comfortably. The space should be free of interruptions from non-participants; writing poetry is not a spectator sport!

Some leaders may require a white board or flip chart and display space for resources/work-in-progress/work completed during the session. This may be a table-top or a notice board.

The organisation offering the workshop will need public liability insurance, as Suffolk Poetry Society’s insurance will not cover workshops not offered specifically by the Society.

Fees will vary from tutor to tutor and length of session, but tutors may also require travel costs and possibly an allowance for special materials. Some tutors may be prepared to offer workshops for expenses only. These details should be negotiated with the individual tutor.

Workshop leaders may also welcome an opportunity to sell their publications during or after the event.
It should also be clear what arrangements are being made for refreshments.

Please contact membership@suffolkpoetrysociety.org if you are interested in finding a workshop tutor.

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