The George Crabbe Memorial Poetry Competition
1983 Crabbe Memorial Competition – First Prize
Adjudicators: William Radice, Eric Sandon

Sorry I am


but I have nothing to tell you.


How much I would

like to

please you, answer your questions

but what shall I say?

they put something over my face, bound me

when they took me away.


I wish I were


to satisfy your curiosity.

Whether the way was steep?

smooth, rugged, what seas, what shores?

But I remember nothing. I was asleep.


I have made you


with these banalities. How far

would he difficult to appraise,

but I think a considerable journey since you tell me

I was away four days.


I recollect


after I set out. Did anyone meet me?

was I afraid? I tell you I can recall

nothing. No voices faces sighs hands holding, nothing.

Just that enormous silence over all.


Sorry I am


but I have nothing to tell you,

only what you already know. That magnificent shout

reaching down plucking me out of the dark,
“Lazarus! Come out!”


Copyright © Stephanie Fone 1983

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