Word from the Chair

Florence Cox, Chair

Are you interested in sharing your poetry with others? Do you like listening to poetry? Would you like to find constructive criticism for the poetry you write? Would you like to participate in a wide range of Suffolk events with poetry at their heart? Suffolk Poetry Society is the place for you. This thriving group offers a warm welcome to poets and poetry lovers. We hope to meet your needs with diverse activities in different locations, but if you can’t find what you want, the committee welcomes your suggestions and initiatives.

Poetry has been the lynchpin of my life for more than a quarter of a century, but I started writing poetry in my teens, encouraged by my English and History teacher David Britton, who left teaching to become a poet and artist. I wrote more poetry as a student and much more when I settled in Felixstowe. Like more than one poet I know, I am excited by the intertwining of the creative arts in collaborative ventures where art, music and song are combined with poetry to bring fresh perspectives and audiences.

You have an exciting poetical year ahead, but every member can bring something to the table of poetry, and we need your ideas and input to keep a good show on the road in the years to come.

Florence Cox
30th January 2017

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