The George Crabbe Memorial Poetry Competition 1996 Crabbe Memorial Competition – Third Prize Adjudicators: Susan Wicks and William Scammell Beyond day-centre wallsentered into a different worldbounded by fenced fields’ paddocksyou sit well up there trees look up to you wavemarvel at your mobilityyou are nobility for an houryou sit wellContinue Reading

The George Crabbe Memorial Poetry Competition1997 Crabbe Memorial Competition – Third PrizeAdjudicator: Jo Shapcott I heard her first in the heart’s darkness,the singer who, like the stuttering yellow-hammerawakening the hedgerow and copse and brackened heath,sang her own song. So all birds singwhen Love’s impulse suddenly vibratesupon the inmost core, theContinue Reading

The George Crabbe Memorial Poetry Competition1998 Crabbe Memorial Competition – Third PrizeAdjudicators: Martyn Crucefix and Judith Kazantzis Small-town families squash in rowsof darkened plush sweet wrappers crackleas the lights go down Hercules is brieflyan amusing baby Suddenly we’re in hell A skeleton poles a boatover a lakebrimming with lost soulsContinue Reading