The George Crabbe Memorial Poetry Competition1958 Crabbe Memorial Competition – First PrizeAdjudicators: Sir Charles Tennyson, Philip Larkin, F. Cornford Remember me;The dark beside the bright,The shell of nightThat holds and bounds the day.Praise me;Love me, if you dare, but praise me,All good’s measure,All time’s end,The parting in the meeting,The sting,Continue Reading

George Crabbe Memorial Poetry Competition 2018 Crabbe Memorial Competition – First PrizeAdjudicator: André Mangeot Castle Grant, 1766 They lie back repletein their padded seats, bibs spottedfrom dismantling the birds they shot earlier and prepare for the magic he’s promised, their host tiny at the acanthus-­swagged mahogany,his hands as they dancebetweenContinue Reading