Friend Anonymous – D.Murrell-Simmons

The George Crabbe Memorial Poetry Competition
1966 Crabbe Memorial Competition – First Prize
Adjudicators: Mrs T. Williams, Frances Warner, Leslie Missen

Acknowledging your skill, I sometimes ponder
the nature of your own particular daemon
whose influence is clear but more uncommon
than any I have met with, and I wonder
what tempests or what bitter frosts have stunted
symmetry in your mind, what fierce encounter
proved your essential strength, or what long winter
of discontent you endured till fate relented.

Since every talent”s held in trust, the spending
of it is seldom ours without condition.
How much you forfeited for what you fashion
is no concern of mine; yet understanding
I have, in some degree, by which I reckon
A bond unites us though no word is spoken.

Copyright © D. Murrell-Simmons 1966




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