George Crabbe Poetry Competition Anthology 2009

The 2009 competition was adjudicated by Clive Scott.

First Prize

  • The Second Scrivener – Mike Bannister

Second Prize

  • Memory of Debach, 1955 – Keith Rose

Third Prize

  • Flip-Flops – Andrew Frolish

Highly Commended Poems

  • Airfield, Castle Camps – Cameron Hawke Smith
  • Apocalypse – Angela Pickering

Commended Poems

  • Siren Voices – John Pelling
  • The Road to Sevagram – Theresa Turk
  • Interior Evening – Diana Speakman
  • The House Guest – Rebecca Camu
  • Well and Truly Landed – Richard Chilvers
  • The Harvest Wife – Robin Maunsell
  • Pete’s Forge – Anne Boileau
  • Barricades – Florence Cox
  • The Reddleman – Kay Hathway
  • Hawk-eye – Rebecca Watts

Adjudicators’ Comments

This PDF includes the adjudicator’s notes by Clive Scott. These did not appear in the original anthology, so are included here as a bonus.

Clive’s notes begin with a general discussion about the entries, then details his thoughts on the winning poems.






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