Advice from the Afterlife – Caroline Gilfillan

The George Crabbe Memorial Poetry Competition
2019 Crabbe Memorial Competition – Second Prize
Adjudicator: Tiffany Atkinson

And this is what he said, in a voice
like a hive full of bees: make love
in Alexandria at least once in your life.
Afterwards eat plenty of pastries –
the triangular ones with a pinch of salt
from the dusty shop close to the harbour.
Drink a jug of wine strong as a donkey’s
hee­haw. Don’t give too much time to mourning:
we’re all compost once the temple comes crashing down.
Answer back. Yell so loud that cat runs out of the flap.
Finally (and forgive me if this makes you blush)
don’t let your vagina be inhabited only by
tampons: it’s beautiful and deserves better.

Copyright © 2019 Caroline Gilfillan




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