Crabbe Poetry Competition Awards 2020

The Crabbe Poetry Competition Awards 2020 were held online via Zoom on 3 October 2020.

Sue Foster compèred, Kate Foley gave a presidential address, and Martin Figura, the adjudicator, commented on the poems.

The ceremony can be seen below. It is in five parts:

  • Introductions, Presidential address and first set of Commended poems
  • Second set of Commended poems
    (Note that a problem with one reader’s audio means the poem is also subtitled).
  • Third set of Commended poems
  • Highly Commended poems
  • Prize-winning poems

Commended poems (alphabetical order):

  • Halcyon – Sally Baker
  • she is on her way – Alexandra Davis
  • Isle of Man Internees
  • Lichen Seen through a Magnifying Glass – Caroline Gilfillan
  • Paced – David Healey
  • Return to Southwold – Christopher James
  • The Brickie’s Prayer – Rob Lock
  • Harvesttime – Oliver Nelmes
  • Learning How To Fix A Lamp – Kennedy Osbourne (subtitled)
  • Weaving fresh weft over old warp – Fran Reader
  • Latin Lovers – Margaret Seymour
  • Titian puts down his paintbrush and picks up his guitar – Roger West
  • That Perfect Feeling – Richard Whiting

Highly Commended:

  • Critical Care – David Healey
  • Young Birds – Tim Lenton

Prize-Winning Poems:

  • Memory House – Elizabeth Cook (1st)
  • Frank’s World – Jane Henderson (2nd)
  • Lament for a Lewis Crofter-Man – Mike Bannister (3rd)






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