Sue Foster

Sue Foster
Sue Foster

I have liked writing things since the beginning.

I am Welsh; a doctor’s daughter; middle child; singer; theatre performer; wife to a Norfolk man; mother; grandmother of twins, their sister and four more; gardener, tree planter, and smallholder of sheep, chickens and veg. in the Suffolk countryside. Did I mention I love walking, dancing and tennis too?

Since retiring as a secondary teacher, six years ago reading, studying and writing poetry are my main focus. I belong to three writers’ groups and look forward to their feedback, critiques and developmental help with my work. I enjoy the whole process of constructing and editing a poem. I am inspired by beautiful moments, others’ voices, walks and transitory impressions.

I try to write everyday and hope that amongst the reams of less well conceived, clumsy, incomprehensible sillinesses a gem of something well crafted and meaningful will emerge. I have had a handful of poems published in recent years: one in an anthology, a couple in SPS Twelve Rivers magazine and a couple online.

I would, one day, like to put together a collection of poems and short stories with my own drawings and photographs to illustrate. It will come.

Found in the Moment

 The cyclists disappeared over the hill
 Came past, and went, a distant memory.
 I watched their progress in a swish-pan moment
 through the window of a train, a distraction
 from the sleepiness of green.

 Cycling hell-for-leather, for seconds, then gone.
 Twenty two I counted.  Men, I assumed
 all in citrus neons and black.
 Twenty two cyclists calling out my name
 In that moment of mindful looking.

 I penned a three stanza thought
 of fleeting excitement and the feeling
 of something almost perceived, but lost
 like swiping and missing in tennis
 or dropping a catch in cricket.
 Forty four legs pump my heart and I wonder
 where the peloton went, the poem too.

 Sue Foster – Jan 2021






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