Lynne Nesbit

I moved to Suffolk’s Waveney Valley in 2017. After a lifetime in London, the move precipitated my next life. It will be a long one. I loved London and my life there, with easy access to the cultural capital of the world, though I didn’t take full advantage. One rarely does. But no-one knew me in Suffolk, which has given me freedom to do and be whatever I like – singing opera and jazz (mostly in the bathroom), performing, writing, pursuing healing arts and putting people together. And retreating into nature.

Always looking for the unseen, I started the practice of meditation in 1967 and am still practising. I do see more but it might be due to stronger spectacles. Poetry puts flesh round the unseen. I wrote my first poem about my second baby, now 46, and much poetry has flowed under the proverbial bridge – some into magazines, competitions – second in small competitions and first in a larger one! Two collections modestly published. But the bulk sits on the computer waiting… I love writing prose, too. An autobiography about my job was my first publication. And my job (with an animal charity for nearly 29 years) was based around being able to write good material, good letters and winning legal arguments over wills and legacies. I have two sons with lovely partners and a stunning granddaughter.

 Hypnotic breakers lap the shifting sands of my mind
 My feet crunch the pebbles as they move forward apace
 The setting sun slides behind silhouettes
 I almost miss its last liquid moments 
 Cloud feathers stroke the sky’s deepening blues
 Crows take the last opportunity to feed
 A wind blows up in cold gusts from the sea
 and the silence which overlays every which way
 leads me to the only moment there is






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