Walpole Old Chapel Summer Outing 2023

Col Farrell
Col Farrell

The 2023 readings at Walpole Old Chapel took place on Sunday, 25th June.

As usual, the readings were in two sets with drinks and cake in the interval, organised and largely provided by Lynne Nesbit.

The Programme

Sue Foster

  • Flaming June
  • Pluviophilia
  • Umbrella

Heather Goddin

  • Distant Thunder
  • Summer Rain

Col Farrell

  • Weather Forecast and After
  • The Effect of Snow

Claire Hamburger

  • Orchid Meadow
  • Flooding

Sue Wallace-Shaddad

  • Weather Watching
  • Weatherworn

James Frankland

  • In March like a Pot
  • Petrichor

Florence Cox

  • Flatford
  • Suffolk Storm
  • Shod

Sally Anne East

  • Fog
  • Frosty Dawn

Lynne Nesbit

  • Sweltering
  • Lazy Song

Colin Whyles

  • (a few comic lines best forgotten)

Pam Job

  • January Rains
  • The Song of the Rain
  • A Bargain Struck in Sunshine

Elizabeth Soule

  • Field Walk
  • The Slaughden Angel
  • We never thought the wind would die

Lizzie Thistlethwayte

  • Field Notes in Lockdown
  • No 90 Bruiladdich
  • RSVP

(read for) Gillian Chaplin

  • Winter

Fran Reader

  • Italian Midsummer

Tim Lenton

  • Redemption
  • Storm

Val Denton

  • Red Skies
  • And What Next?

Alexandra Walker

  • Waiting for the Cuckoo to arrive

Brian Haward

  • Whether – Find or Lose
  • Whether – More or Still

Paul McLintic

  • Caring is contagious



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