Inner Voice

by Sue Foster

In an unending pilgrimage
I make sense of this woman
always here goading
chocolate comfort, rich and deep
how to be, what to do.
‘Come on, keep going, girl’
deep timbre, deep South.
This woman has suffered
knows my capabilities
understands my limits
a critical friend leading
ensures my positivity
when I don’t get it or want to stop.
Her bitter perspiration
her singing enthusiasms
her ‘blues’ urgency warm me
I move forward more lightly.
‘Come on, keep going, girl’
deep tones, deep South.
Life’s lashes on our shoulders
her bleeding wounds are iron-strength
when I am burdened
She falls in step, puts her hand
in the pit of my back and pushes,
‘Come on, keep going, girl’
deep throated, deep South.
A lover not a fighter
a scary encourager
an unsympathetic motivator
she chides and pushes on
a foghorn in my ears.
‘Come on, keep going, girl.’
You can do this.

Copyright © 2020 Sue Foster





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