Mobile Prose

by Lynne Nesbit

Oh, hallo! Sorry to call so early but I knew you’d be awake. Where am I? On the train. Off to see my family. Well, my sister’s family. You know – Sharon. She’s living with you now, of course. Probably more alive than she’s ever been. Anyway, why I called is to let you know that whatever you’re doing, it works. I’m looking out of the train onto an early autumn morning and you’ve got it just right. You’ve mixed media. Your palette – greens, golds, pearl mist hovering close to the trees – some showing their underwear and others with their clothes lanced by sunrays. You’ve streaked brown fields with silver lines and painted silver pools of waterlog around some brave youthful winter crops facing up to the frost. I recommend that you submit this work to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. I’m sure they’d hang it, especially when they recognise the artist’s name. Anyway, sorry to call so early but I knew you’d be up and about, and I wanted to thank you for the preview. You didn’t recognise my number? Well, maybe that’s because I had a facelift and my hair tinted last week.

Copyright © 2020 Lynne Nesbit





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