The Garden

by Gill Chaplin

The garden surrounds the house
Behind is the flower garden with purple irises
White blossom on the apple trees
Vines growing on the pagoda
Flowers in beds surround the steep lawn.
Yellows and oranges.
A flower that only opens in the evening.
Hydrangeas in beds beside the house.
Plants climb the trellis at the end.
Through a gate with an arch over it
Is the vegetable garden.

Hens are in a house nearby.
The garden slopes down the mountainside
Vegetables are planted in well-ordered rows.
Salad as well.  Lines of tomatoes.
All the plants are green at the moment
Waiting for the crop which will be taken to the kitchen
And appear arranged decoratively on plates.
Fruit bushes where berries will be gathered.
Strawberries, raspberries and black currants.
Just as colourful and changing with the seasons
Producing flowers - orange, yellow and red.

Copyright © 2020 Gill Chaplin





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